Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power

Train Your Brain to Develop Power Habits

Did you know that you can start to get what you want, starting right where you are now? It’s all a function of training your brain in order to claim your power. That’s where I come in. I’m a trainer. We get in the ring to train your brain so you are prepared to claim your power for the big and little battles.

Why do you want to be prepared?

Because getting caught unprepared is uncomfortable, may be life threatening, makes you feel powerless and fearful. It may even take you to the depths of despair. I have gone through experiences that cause this sense of powerlessness – and what I have learned is that you are never powerless if you have trained your brain.

You feel powerless when you don’t know what to do in any given circumstance…when you are overwhelmed by natural forces or situations..or when you have lost power and feel stuck.

We survive instinctively. The life force within is hard wired to survive. Improve your chances and the speed and quality of how well you survive with knowledge and practice. Train your brain like a muscle so you have power habits that kick in automatically. Then you don’t feel powerless for long. Preparedness is like an insurance policy or home equity line that you draw upon when something unfortunate happens.

Start with a few tips

You can prepare for plenty of things. In fact, there are so many possibilities that it can be overwhelming just to contemplate them. That’s why I’m offering a guide today as part of #GivingTuesday.  This is a way to identify where you sense a need so you can focus your preparations on what you believe is probable. Access the exercise via this link:

This guide offers tips that contribute to calming your mind while you are figuring out how to handle things and making decisions about the next step you need to take. Then you can train your brain to return to your purpose and focus on it when faced with challenges.

Then what?

Ask and we’ll see where you need help. We’ll get into training mode, step by step, starting right where you are. Don’t wait to claim your power. The time to start is now, right where you are. Let’s get into the ring.

I believe in you,


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